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Discover the most popular coworking spaces in your town

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A fun way to discover great work environments for startups and connect with them. Take your favourite #‎coworkingspace to the top with your votes;)
Please launch in Los Angeles! I've been thinking about how there is a need for something like this. I'm happy to help for LA, you can find me on Facebook :)
Does each place have details on your site or do you have to go to their site? Something thats really useful on Nomad List is the categories of things you can check out... So for example, there doesnt seem to be any context why one place was voted higher than another
@bentossell Votes and comments are by users who had experiences with these spaces to help others who are seeking a new place to work.. And yes, this version is directing to the source site for other details
@naxer yeah I understand that but it would be good to understand WHY they voted. e.g. great wifi, snacks, ping pong, networking etc
@bentossell that's actually why we added the comment function under each coworkingspace, but your suggestion to add comments also to the voting function is a good idea
@cem well the issue is that not everyone will want to leave a comment. so categories of things could help
@cem @bentossell great resource. Would love to chat more about where you see this going... my email:
when will you add more cities in the U.S.?
@jeff_nolan more of U.S. and Australia coming soon..
Worry that Wework will game this in no time. :( Need to showcase the more local ones too! Also, how does one add a city/country that isn't listed? Have a great list that should be part of this for Indian cities.
@kaushals9 we just wanted to build something useful for entrepreneurs...We will add new cities for sure. Please contact if you'd like to share your list...Cheers!