Coworker Coffee 2.0

Regular one-on-one's for better employee engagement

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How do you get to know people at work? How do you improve communication between departments? Coffee is a great place to start, but you can't just email Richard Branson saying: "Hey, I'm a new intern - fancy coffee?" So to take the weirdness out of it, many companies organise randomised coffees. This normally starts by HR matching employees in Excel and sending out a weekly email. That's exactly how we started, an email-first startup (hat tip @rrhoover) that gradually evolved into an employee engagement tool used by Fortune 500 companies. Since our launch on PH last year we've added: - User profiles - Bulk user import - Multiple timezone support - Scheduling assistant - Conversation starters - Customize weekly email with company branding and message - Optional manager debrief (thanks @jason for suggestion) Here to answer any questions.
They've added user profiles, conversation starters, a scheduling assistant, manager accounts, bulk user import and multi-timezone support for global/remote companies.
Thanks @erictwillis for the hunt and the support from you and the maker community πŸ’―
Congrats on the new version Alan. It'd be cool if you could have random coffees with users cross-company, within similar industries maybe.
@morganric - nice more of an external networking tool (as opposed to internal networking). It might be something we'll add in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.
@alangarrec Yep. Cross-pollination FTW! You could call it CWC - Full Blend or something ;)
@alangarrec How do you handle introverts in the office that may be fearful of trying this out for the first time?
@imns81 we make it as easy as we can by providing talking points to help kick start the conversation. And we also have little user profiles where coworkers can add hobbies, their favourite movies...just a few little things to help coworkers connect. But ultimately each user has to want to participate. We've found the introverts typically end up joining after one of their colleagues tells them about a few interesting coffees they've had. It normally starts with an HR team all joining, and then it gradually spreads to the more introverted teams within a company after a few weeks.
Nice stuff, I think it's a really cool idea in today's context.
Thanks @horea4 I think that personal touch of sharing a coffee away from a computer screen can really help with company culture. Especially today with everyone permanently attached to their phones, email... It's surprising what a difference a little bit of caffeine can make in the office πŸ˜‰