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Julie Delanoy
@syswarren · Design with @wearetm 😻
Hey! I think the tagline explains clearly what this website does but I could add that it does it pretty well. So if like me you're working from home and your cat is driving you crazy, you may find a welcoming coworking space here :)
Leanne Beesley
@leanne_beesley · co-founder at Coworker.com
Hey! Leanne here - cofounder of Coworker.com. Agh that awkward moment where you're totally not ready for Product Hunt and discover you've been submitted (but thanks Julie!). Ok so let me give you guys the lowdown. We launched 3 weeks ago in stealth mode.... most of Asia is covered so far and we're working our way through Europe and South America before jump… See more
John Rushworth
@jmrushworth · Co-founder and CEO, BottlesTonight
I'm excited to add my community first co-working space, @foundersdojo to the site once you add the "List Your Space" submission form. Nice work Leanne!
Adam Greenwald
@agreenwaldhq · Founder, LaunchableMedia
any plans to add more spaces in the U.S.?
Gaëtan Rochel
@cadeuh · designer / dev
Feels quite empty for now :/