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Julie Delanoy — Design @ProductHunt with @wearetm 😻
I think the tagline explains clearly what this website does but I could add that it does it pretty well.
So if like me you're working from home and your cat is driving you crazy, you may find a welcoming coworking space here :)
Leanne Beesley — co-founder at
Hey! Leanne here - cofounder of Agh that awkward moment where you're totally not ready for Product Hunt and discover you've been submitted (but thanks Julie!).

Ok so let me give you guys the lowdown. We launched 3 weeks ago in stealth mode.... most of Asia is covered so far and we're working our way through Europe and South America before jumping into the coworking beast that is North America.

In a few days we'll have a "List Your Space" feature up on the site so coworking spaces can list themselves. This submission form includes a lot more detail than what we've collected already so people will be able to search by all the CRUCIAL amenities like:

* standing desks
* podcast recording rooms
* dual monitor rental
* free beer (yes these magical places do exist)
etc etc

We'll also be launching a "coworking retreats" sections to the site in the next few weeks so watch this space :)

We're bootstrapped but have a pretty awesome team working remotely across the world. Our HQ is in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and we'll be launching a coworking space of our own within our office early next year so if anyone is ever passing through, ping me on Twitter and let's hang out: @leannebeesley

The reason my biz partner Sam & I created is because we both travel a lot and work remotely... and we'd been grumbling for ages how much time we waste on Google to find a good coworking space every time we hit up a new city. So we decided to solve our own problem.

But like I say, we JUST went live and were holding off for the "List Your Space" feature to be ready before we officially went public so give us a few weeks to iron out all the bugs and get more coworking spaces listed on there... then we'll be ready for global domination ;)

Any questions? Shoot em my way!
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
@leannebeesley I definitely see the value and need for an offering such as this. Whenever I land in a new city, a cool co-working spot is definitely one of the things I'm looking to find. Co-working spots are one of the aspects of the digital nomad "welcome kits" we created a couple years ago as one iteration of @ohheyworld -->

Let me know when you get to putting Seattle co-working spots up (I'm a member of Impact Hub here).

PS: I badly, badly need to make another visit to Chiang Mai. I spent 3 months there in 2012, working on the very earliest iteration of Oh Hey World and met the designer (and now close friend) who designed both Oh Hey World and @gethorizonapp
Leanne Beesley — co-founder at
@drewmeyers LOVE that idea of digital nomad "welcome kits"! It's tough when you land in a new place and don't know where to go / eat / stay etc. I joined a membership community called the Dynamite Circle a few years ago (run by the @TropicalMBA guys) which is essentially 1000+ digital nomads / location independent entrepreneurs spread all over the world, so luckily most of the time I can just tap into that network to find out the good spots. But I'd be lost without that!

Y'know, I can imagine there'd be a good collab opp between @ohheyworld and The Entrepreneur House ( - they organize co-living / co-working retreats in cities all around the world. Rio de Janeiro is their next one in January. Having a welcome kit for their members for each city would make a lot of sense. It's run by my friend Chris, he's awesome, lemme know if you want me to link you up with him :)

YES you should come back to Chiang Mai... it's changed a lot since 2012! It's a great spot for bootstrapping while still having a great lifestyle. All kinds of interesting entrepreneurs living there these days.
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
@leannebeesley I'm also a member of the DC, though not that active. Part of that is because I've recently re-settled in Seattle, so not traveling heavily like I have been the past few years.

@ohheyworld is open source (, so would love to collaborate.
Julie Delanoy — Design @ProductHunt with @wearetm 😻
@drewmeyers @leannebeesley I love what is going on in this conversation! That's exciting!
Jason — Founder,
@leannebeesley nice work! .

I hope this proves to be a better option than the listings that are often out of date.

On that note... Salty Volt in Bali is no longer in business -- you should remove it from your site ;)

P.S. I'll be in CM in Dec. I'll send you a tweet about that
Leanne Beesley — co-founder at
@sixside Aha thanks for the heads up! We'll get it taken down today. Gonna add a "Report Closed" button to listings soon too - this is the second space we've heard has closed from peeps on the ground.

Yeah the Wiki stuff is useful to an extent but lacks that real time / real people dynamic. I will give a plug to one of our "competitors" here though that I think is awesome - - they had a huge overhaul about a month ago and I'm loving what they're doing. It's different to Coworker as they also include cafes and free spots around a city that are good to work in, whereas we're focusing specifically on official coworking spaces. Worth checking them out if you haven't already!

YES see you in CM :)
Leanne Beesley — co-founder at
@syswarren haha new connections are being formed, and all because of you! Btw, how did you find out about Coworker - must have been BetaList right? Other than our pre-launch listing on there, I thought we were being so stealthy... ;)
Darren Buckner — Founder, Workfrom
@leannebeesley I really appreciate the kind words and support for Workfrom. I think you and I see the same future and it's full of working where we want, when we want and from places that help us stay productive while we roam. I'm excited about Coworker and great job! I'd love to chat sometime about things we've seen in the space, challenges, wins, etc. It takes a village :)
Leanne Beesley — co-founder at
@darrenbuckner Aha so great to connect with you Darren! Yes I'd absolutely love to chat too - I'll ping you an email :)
Darren Buckner — Founder, Workfrom
@leannebeesley excellent. Thanks.
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
@darrenbuckner Cool site, hadn't seen it before. Missing some key inventory in Seattle fyi (Impact Hub).

Definitely let me know if you see anyways to collaborate with @ohheyworld / @gethorizonapp
Jason — Founder,
@leannebeesley Yup, I've used Workfrom before, mostly in the US which seems to be their strength.

Here's one more suggestion from someone over at the /r/digitalnomad subreddit:

When I type in "san francisco, ca" there are no results. When I type in "san francisco" and wait for the drop down, then click on the link, there are results.
At least put a "did you mean:" lookup somewhere. :)
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