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@thetwopct thanks for hunting Coworkations! πŸ˜€ πŸ™Œ Hey PH community! Coworkations lists coworking retreats worldwide – aiming to help digital nomads and remote workers differentiate between the various communities that now operate around the globe. A coworkation can be many things, a lot of them combine 🏠 coliving, πŸ’» coworking and πŸƒ activites, some do it whilst on a cruise ship 🚒 or train πŸš‚, and some have particular themes such as entrepreneurship, sports πŸ‚ or reconnecting with nature. I created Coworkations because I want to help people find these groups, understand their offerings, and how they compare. I've been location independent for a year now and think these kinds of programs are a great way to jump into digital nomadism whilst surrounding yourself with the support of a community of like-minded people! Explore the world without interrupting your career. I welcome any and all feedback, suggestions and comments! Many thanks! Steve
@stevelacey Awesome work Steve, a pleasure to hunt, thank you for making the site! πŸ‘
I've been on a lot of these coworking/coliving trips and I highly recommend them. I personally did Hacker Paradise 8 times and Nomad House once. They're great for being productive and meeting amazing people. There's so many of these groups now and it's been hard to find and understand them all. I love the idea of this site.
@jmeistrich thanks Jay, have appreciated your input!
Super useful to gather people who want to work, meet and travel together. A site like this was needed :) Well done!
@jon_hormaetxe_castells thanks Jon, have appreciated your feedback over the last month!
This is πŸ‘Œ
@eelcojellema thanks Eelco 😊
@stevelacey some ideas/notes: have upcoming trips in upcoming order? Now shows the latest first. Use text: {currently / next / last} in: on the overview. Instead of only colorsβ€”less guessing. :)
@eelcojellema thanks for the feedback, the trip list on community/trip pages certainly needs some work β€” I think the ordering (and labelling) in the search is closer to what you're looking for, appreciate the input πŸ‘Œ
@eelcojellema I forgot to reply to this – the sorting is now better, as are many other things on those pages πŸ˜†οΈ thanks for the feedback
Exactly what the remote worker is looking for! Good tool to figure out which program fits your needs + you can check which program will be in your favorite destination.