E-bike with live dashboard, navigation, GPS & ride stats 🚲⚡

#3 Product of the DayApril 25, 2018

Cowboy is the next generation of electric bicycle. With live dashboard, navigation, GPS tracking, removable battery and ride stats, the accompanying app makes your ride more than just a ride. It becomes a whole new experience.

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I had the opportunity to witness the whole development process of the bike as we shared office space with the Cowboys during one year. They have put so much care into the design and building of this bike, refusing to compromise on anything and with a great attention to details.

In the end, they made the best e-bike I have ever seen at a lower price point than any of the competitors.

When I finally had a test ride with the bike, I was a bit scared. I had previously brought a heavy Van Moof to the ground (with quite the injury as a result), partly because of my inexperience with e-bikes. On the Cowboy, though, the experience was delightful. It's as if you're riding a real bike, but there's some unnoticable breeze pushing you in the back just when you need it.

Loved it.


Great visual and industrial design. Very competitive price. Nice app.


Probably more scared of having it stolen ;-) Harder to store than my usual road bike.

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How is the top speed? its only single gear so I'm guessing you won't be going much over 25km/h? Can you attach a rear bike rack with that battery?
@adrien_roose How does this compare to VanMoof's bikes? Great to see new folks in the space and hopefully bringing the price down!
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@adrien_roose @joostschuur Not the maker, but I had the opportunity to try both. I crashed with the Van Moof Electrified S for my first e-bike ride. It was heavy and not very instinctive to ride for a daily road bike rider. The Cowboy is lighter and feels more natural to ride. I might be wrong but I think it's less powerful. It's also 40% cheaper.
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Hi @joostschuur ! Our bike is nearly twice cheaper, 2kg lighter, the motor assistance is more intuitive, the transmission works with a carbon belt, the disc brakes are hydraulic and the battery is removable. The App features also go much further.
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@joostschuur @adrien_roose one of the biggest knocks on the Van Moof Electrified S is that the non-electric parts like chain drive, brakes etc. are pretty low-end considering the price of the bike. There is certainly room to improve there. The VM does have a 65% larger battery (418wh vs 252wh for the Cowboy) and I'm not sure what you mean by 'more intuitive motor assistance'.
@joostschuur @danielkegel yes they do have a larger battery (but non removable which implies having to charge the bike itself and not the battery). By a more intuitive motor assistance I mean that the Cowboy bike is equipped with both a speed and a torque sensor and thus we automatically use these signals to determine the amount of assistance given by the motor, instead of asking the user to choose different mode of assistance manually.
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@adrien_roose correct, although I don't really see the benefit of a removable battery. Most people won't buy a second battery and if they do, they won't take it with them. The only use case would be changing the empty battery at home for a full one. What is the power/max speed of the motor?

Coolest ebike experience I’ve ever had (tried it in Paris)! The UX is really well-done and it’s a beauty to ride. Addictive!


Slick Design, Badass look, Smart tech


Only available in Belgium for now

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Hi, I'm one of the happy beta-tester and I've used the cowboy for the past 2 months. The bike and the sweet app obviously changed my day-to-day work's ride.

Brussels is a hilly city. The Cowboy helps me getting used to go from one place to another without thinking about the distance.

I deeply recommend anyone to test it.


Design, useful, Light with a great mobile app


Only one size (for now)

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I've been riding a beta-version of the cowboy bike during 3 months. I can testify that riding my Cowboy 🤠 🚲 is definitely the best way I experienced to go to work over the last ten years. Thanks to its great e-acceleration, my Door-to-door average speed is above 22 km/h without too much effort.

What differentiates a Cowboy bike versus other e-bikes is for sure its design, light weight and overall quality. The brakes are also particularly efficient.

Going forward, I’m waiting for a software update in order to have the front and back light in alternative mode to be more visible by night.


Design, speed, brakes, software updates


Biking not always an option to move around town, not foldable bike

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Hello Miguel battery was sufficient for biking in brussels or did you charge it twice a day?