Cow Chat

Anonymous location based chatrooms. With emoji. 🐮 💬

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Ben NolanMaker@bnolan · Founder, Nolan Consulting
Hi all, I'm the author of CowChat. I made it as an experiment in location based messaging, in a semi-anonymous context. I've intentionally removed as much text from the UI as possible to make it more like 'playing' and less like learning an interface. I've been inspired from Slack, Yik Yak and MSN Messenger in creating an old school chat room. Hope you like it.
Avi Zuber@avizuber · Software Engineer @ DreamCloud
@bnolan A/S/L?
Ben NolanMaker@bnolan · Founder, Nolan Consulting
@avizuber haha, I'm trying to avoid that. That's why the location is given straight away. :)
Alex Widar@widar · Android Dev
All I get is an hour glass simulator. What does that mean?
Ben NolanMaker@bnolan · Founder, Nolan Consulting
@widar Sorry! There was a bug where if it can't detect your location it just hangs. It'll be fixed today. :)