Covve scan

AI-powered, super accurate business card scanner

Covve Scan is the world’s first AI-powered, language-agnostic card scanner. It brings the highest accuracy in the market, support for over 40 languages, robust privacy protection, a super-refined user experience and the best value for money out there.
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Hey everyone, I'm Yiannis, co-founder at Covve. At Covve we are obsessed with helping people better manage their relationships to create business opportunities. So, being frustrated with the business card scanners in the market - inaccurate, complex, expensive, not respecting user privacy - we decided to take matters into our own hands! It started off as a pet project for our engineering team who were challenged to find a completely new approach to scanning business cards. They did; and, it rocked! We were both ecstatic and surprised when our unique take on card scanning led to something truly disruptive and miles ahead of the competition. Covve Scan: - is the most accurate business card scanner in the market! - automatically reads any left to right language - respects and protects of your privacy (no data is ever shared, sold or repurposed) - designed to be super intuitive and efficient to use What’s more? It is the most affordable in the market with a one-off fee for unlimited card scans! As a big thank you to the community we’re delighted to offer one month free of unlimited scans for everyone here. Just visit: Happy scanning!
Hi everyone! Alex here, CTO at Covve. This really has one of my favorite projects as it grew straight out of the engineering team (born as a pet project and quickly found its way as a proper standalone product)! The most impressive outcome has been that our scanner is the only one out there which can scan ANY left-to-right language with exceptional accuracy. We haven't tested every single language so really keen to hear how it performs for you! Especially interested to hear thoughts and impressions if you've been using some of the usual mainstream scanners out there :)
One of the best app in its kind, that has helped a lot my daily contacts management
@adam_petritsis Hey Adam, great to hear! Make sure to take advantage of the special product hunt offer Yiannis mentioned above :)
Nice clean app, very good card recognition. I've had some problems with it mixing up the information. E.g. second headline became the address, only takes part of position title, etc. I'm sure, this will improve with time. I see this being very useful!
@elshad_shirinov Good stuff - thanks for the feedback Elshad! What you describe is quite rare - in our sample tests with thousands of cards from many languages we score >90% in accuracy (with the big maintream scanners scoring 60-80% on the same tests!). You know, I'd really be interested in having a look at the card and seeing why the scan wasn't perfect... As we don't have access to anyone's scans (privacy is a massive thing for us!) could you possibly ask to have a look at the card (assuming you're OK and of course the person who's card it is is also OK). If so, feel free to email me at Thanks!
Really cool app, made the task of scanning a bunch of my cards super easy :)
@spirosd Hi Spiros, great to hear :) Actually we've had people who within 24 hours of installing the app have scanned over 1000 cards! Thinking about it, for this kind of scenario (scan all those cards you've been hoarding in your draw for years), the 1 month free offer that Yiannis posted above is spot on!