Connect with your neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CovidCamp places you in a "camp" with your neighbors in a 5km radius to communicate, stay informed, and work together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to create a place for communities to come together and volunteer to help those in need.
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Hey everyone! We're hardly a week into development on this product, but we're racing against the clock to get it viable for communities all over the world to start using. Signing up takes less than a minute and will automatically put you in your local camp. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Thanks for checking it out and we hope this will be a useful tool during this trying time. Kai
Hello hunters and makers How are you all dealing with the pandemic? I hope your families are safe and that everyone has access to essential supplies during the worldwide shutdowns. With Covid Camp, we are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. The app automatically organizes users into camps with your neighbors in it Let's help the most affected by: ℹ️ sharing important information 🍅 sharing food and living essentials in case our supply lines get disrupted (already seeing this for some industries) **We are working tirelessly on:** ✅ mark yourself as symptomatic, confirmed or recovered so a heat-map of the virus can be established 💰donate to small businesses you love and don't want to see go out of business 🙋‍♂️let the authorities know that your area has run out of supplies Let's deal with this virus the only way we know how. Together 💪
Great work!