We analyze 100K+ assets daily to pull the creative elements that perform on IG/FB Ads. With these free resources, we hope to help marketers keep a pulse on what resonates with consumers, adapt their creative, and keep revenue from digital marketing strong.
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👋 Hi Product Hunt, and thanks @flarup for helping us out! *Our Story* We're a team of three recent Stanford graduates and co-founders of Viralspace.ai. It all started during our final year at Stanford when we combined Hiro's decade of marketing experience, Apoorva's talent for computer vision, and Michelle's product design chops to build a product that helps marketers make data-driven decisions about their ad creative. But today's launch isn't about our core business. *Our Product* Today we're excited to launch our suite of FREE marketing resources. We know that marketing is often one of the first areas that gets affected by crises like these, and we wanted to help, so we're making some of our Viralspace tech available to the public. *Our resources include* - A dashboard on which you can track the highest-performing objects, keywords, topics, and more across Instagram and Facebook Ads - Regularly updated analysis based on this dashboard - Articles on marketing strategy - Free consulting on Facebook Ads for a few brands that need it! If you're interested in a free consulting or learning more about us, email hiro@viralspace.ai and mention Product Hunt. Let us know how else we can help, and can't wait to hear your feedback. - @hirotien @apoorva_dornadula @michlu2 @jakehong0521 @austin_ellingwood
@xiuling_li Thanks for the support and yes we think so too. Doing our part in the marketer's community to help folks navigate the difficult landscape. Hope it helps you out in some ways and we welcome feedback anytime.
Congrats on launching, agreed on this being timely. Can't wait to start using it and sharing with my marketer friends!
@rachel_ting Thank you so much for the support! We think this is a game changer for marketing teams, especially in these uncertain times. Hope your marketer friends find it helpful and happy to chat with them in more detail if they are interested in our other products as well!
Creative is the differentiator today for marketers. Really excited to see this awesome tool level the playing field!
@teddy_jungreis That's right on point! Thanks for your support!
Hey @teddy_jungreis! Thanks a lot for the support. Spot on and especially with ad platforms out there getting even more sophisticated and automated. The creative piece is really the game changer here for marketers.
This is awesome and can be so powerful! I’m excited to share it and see the different ways people use this. Congrats on launching!
@soneri_chaturvedi Thanks for the support and we're as excited to see people use it in different ways too. Appreciate you helping spread the word!
@soneri_chaturvedi Thanks for the support! :)