COVID-19 Flight Tool

Track the safety measures and rules at airlines & airports.

We built this tool with the objective to help passengers that are uncertain about travelling during COVID-19 times. Simply search for the airline or airport that is relevant to you, and find out all safety measures and restrictions.
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Excited to introduce you to this tool πŸš€ The COVID-19 Flight Tool helps you to travel at ease. We track safety measures and regulations at airports and airlines internationally! Key features: -Frequently updated -Standardised format for all airports and airlines -50+ parameters Example data: -Entry restrictions -Passenger responsibilities -Hygiene & disinfection measures -& more... Why we built it: As the founders of a startup in the air-travel industry (and frequent travellers ourselves), we realised that it's confusing & time-consuming for passengers to research travel requirements at a time when they are changing on a daily basis. That's why we wanted to build a one-stop dashboard that keeps track of all the updates for you! We are covering more airports & airlines every day, so please let us know which ones you need. Also, we would love to receive your feedback! Safe travels ✌️✈️
This is awesome and the interface is pretty clean! Congrats on the launch. Would be great if the mentions of things being on a ministry's website were hyperlinked. Hopefully you can partner with airlines and maybe even governments in the future!
@juan_perez2 Thanks a lot for your message Juan! We are indeed in the process of partnering with several airlines & airports, so hope to bring the info live from the source very soon! The hyperlink topic is something we have heard from a couple of users now, so we are also looking into this. Appreciate your time πŸ™πŸΌ
This is great and so needed! Maybe consider updating the category icons to be color-coded based on the situation at each airport, for example a green check if there is a COVID testing facility, and a red X if there isn't.
Congrats! I really like itπŸš€