Covid-19 Controls 1.0

Lockdown measures and tourists restrictions around the world

Covid Controls tracks and visualizes how governments across the world are responding to the Covid-19 outbreak.
Data on lockdown measures, quarantine policies, tourists bans along with how the disease is spreading, is visualized and available via an API!
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Hello Product Hunt community, We just launched Covid Controls 1.0 :: A map to explore and compare lockdown measures and travel restrictions around the world It which helps you answer - Which countries/states have banned tourists? - Which countries/states are in lockdown? - Which services are operational? Shopping, restaurants, tourist attractions, transportation? - Which countries have the outbreak under control? - and many other Covid-19 related data points such as cases, deaths, growth and so on Click on any country to see the details. Get in touch if you want access to the API!
Very cool, well done !!
Good stuff guys! Curious to know what are the data sources for collating this info?
@karticrakhra Its manually collected and updated regularly!