Covfefe Mug ☕️

Experience the patented negatively pressed taste of Covfefe

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Ever since President Donald Trump's important announcement at 11:09am, artisan baristas have been working hard up and down the country to figure out the secret ingredients to covfefe. But what is covfefe? What does it mean? Simply put, Covfefe is a lifestyle choice. It's about putting Covfefe before everything and never stopping until you get what you want. It's about driving forward with whatever it is no matter how many people tell you that you are wrong. Is it a sweatshirt? @andrewett certainly thinks so. Is it a typo on a tweet sent by an old drunk man? Maybe. But in many ways it's so much more. Covfefe shows us that we can be united in times of difficulty, to be defiant in times of uncertainty and to pursue our goals regardless of the advice of others. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿✊ So this is why we built our Covfefe mug, a patented constant negative press coffee mug - to make sure your Covfefe is always brewed to perfection. When you reach for your Covfefe mug, you are reaching for the stars ✨ Your Covfefe dreams become reality.
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@suparchie @andrewett top notch marketing content right there
@vytasbu @andrewett Thanks Vytas. 👦🏼 I really do have great marketing content - the best marketing content. 👌 Some people tell me I have 'bad' marketing 👌 👌 even though there are other people - lots of people, and I can tell you this because I know them, with really - bad 👏 - I'm sorry folks it's true - 👌 bad marketing 👌 just terrible marketing and the thing is - it's true - everybody knows this. It's really sad.
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@suparchie is the chinese language version available?
I'm always worried my hands will look small by holding large things, can you tell me about the size of the mug?
@revhuff Josh - frankly, it's huge, and I will tell you, I have many, many friends heading up corporations who struggle with holding mugs in their small hands. I also have this problem myself - not the same problem - a similar problem. It's true I do, I admit it 🙌. That's why - and this is a promise folks - this mug is made from 👌 soft 👌 flexible 👌 china. Which means, and you won't believe this - it adapts to the size of your hands 👌. People that make products with 👌 china 👌, they say it's virtually impossible - that it's very, very hard to come make products from 👌 china 👌 that adapt to the size of your hands. But they're totally - and I'm being honest here - totally wrong because we did it. We have the best 👌 china 👌
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@suparchie @revhuff This was perfect. 👌
This covfefe mug is absolutely terrific, let me tell you. Just the absolute best. Every morning I drink my Kremlin Roast from the good folks at Fake News Coffee here in San Francisco. It's terrific. Don't listen to the media - they're jealous, okay? Jealous. This is the best mug anyone has ever seen. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.