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Hi everyone! I'm one of the product designers who made Covet - really happy to be featured today! Covet was a response to the overwhelming popularity of the 'Buy' tag in our previous app, NINE - a visual to-do list. We found many of our users were snapping pictures of the products they loved, and then noting the shop details or grabbing the business card (how many times have you done that yourself?) Our new app uses Google Places to record the store (including phone number and website) as well as useful details like the barcode. Everything goes into a public feed so others can discover new products from around the world. Every product/store combo goes into the map section of the app - so in a new city you can find stores based on the products people have found (or even just the stores found by people you follow!) Finally, you can create public and private lists of stuff - and other user's can follow your lists too - so curate away :-) Our app is about real people finding real products in real stores - but offers an ability to search online (in case you can't get there) If you have any questions about the app, our plans for it, or feedback - we'd love to hear it.
feels awesome, though is there a potential for abuse by small shop owners just stuffing public feeds with their wares? i'd love to see some social "wish list" features too, maybe a feed - imagine, "jane just bought x for john at abc store in location"
@passingnotes Hi David - thanks for the feedback. We have actually spoken to a few store owners - as we would really like this app to work for them also - and the independents in particular are keen to see how it might drive new customers to pay a visit. We also see the store 'page' within the app become something more - where stores can perhaps show off their latest wares, and the feed/following/featured section is more about customers and curators.
@passingnotes Also - within your profile tab - there is an 'Activity' section - is that where you see the "Jane just bought X for Y"? We are also considering another type of collaborative list (as opposed to just public/private) - where multiple users can add products... this might be a nice place for the list owners to mark what they have bought for people (e.g. a collaborative 'Johns Birthday List' - which John's friends can add to - and mark items as bought)... it's on the roadmap at least :-p
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