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Its really good. Love the UI. It would be good if you can add a Now Playing page.
@1994maths great, thanks!. That might come in the future, when the player grows in features!
Hey guys, I'm Jonatan... the designer of Covers. Together with Fernando we've put together this nice little app to easily search and stream covers from Youtube. We're planning to add more functionality but let us know what you love, hate and wish to be added!. Thanks!
How does this affect bandwidth? Since it strips out the video, I'm assuming it's a lot lighter? And can you use Covers to play songs in the background to add to Snaps & Instagram Memories? Thanks.
@scottperry Hey Scott, indeed... we only download the sound so that saves a lot of bandwidth!. As of now, we only support streaming but it could be an option when offline playlists arrive :). Thanks!
Love the colors, well done! Very useful since Spotify doesn't have certain songs. Quick question - is there an Android version on the way?
@whamadam glad you like it Adam! as of now we're not planning to release an Android version, sorry about that!
so doesn't this break the T&C of youtube, since you're not allowed to use their content without the potential of showing their ads? there was another app that did this before and they got a cease and desist from youtube, since even intentionally hiding the video was a breach of their terms.
@thejeremycarson I will read carefully the T&C again. Thanks for the advice!! ;-)