Beautiful, free videos for your homepage background.

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Dror Cohen
@drorco · CEO & Co-Founder, CodersClan
@nfedoroff Hey Nick, thanks for the feedback! I'm happy you found the code useful! :)
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yoav hornung
@yoavush · Co-founder & CEO, Veed.me. + Coverr.co
Hi everyone, Yoav here, one of the "founders" of Coverr. why the dashes? Coverr was built as a joint initiative between two startups "Veed.Me" & "CodersClan". Since we experienced the need of homepage background videos from both sides; Video & Code, we decided to build something that will give these, for free - to the community. Basically, Cover… See more
Parker Agee
@parkeragee · Software Engineer
Love free assets! Thanks for this site. A few questions: 1. Shouldn't you include .OGV file type as a for Firefox? 2. Your CSS does not address mobile/tablet. Videos should be swapped out with .JPG or .GIF on mobile. Worth adding to the documentation?
Illai Jacob Gescheit
@illaigescheit · CEO & Founder @Mobifile, @cRound
@drorco @yoavush, Love the idea. There are a lot of free stock photo websites, but not many high quality free stock video sites that provide a code snippet that I can easily use in my projects. In addition, seeing two startups join forces to create a new product of which the entire community can benefit is an awesome initiative, and I wish to see more joint… See more
@nfedoroff · Founder, CTO, Endorphin Apps
+1 for the code snippets. More of that all the time. Nice work.
yoav hornung
@yoavush · Co-founder & CEO, Veed.me. + Coverr.co
<<< Promo>>> Hey fellow hunters! As all coverrs are 12-15 single shots, We edited 2 cool, fun sequences(multiple shots) that you can download using the product hunt link We hope you enjoy it.