Create your own custom cover art for Spotify playlists.

Your Spotify playlist deserves something better than a standard boring cover image.
Coverify is a web tool to create yourself artwork, where you can apply different fonts, colors and a ton of images from Unsplash; and upload it directly on Spotify.
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Nice app! And so easy to use ;-)
@romainhannouz Thanks, I appreciate that!
Sweet! Love the Unsplash integration!
@dominic_abela Thanks, I appreciate that!
@danilowoznica Just FYI I got an error when I tried to sign in with Spotify. Checked the console and there was a 401 error.
@dominic_abela Hey, would you mind to reach me on Twitter? Send me a private message, I would like to get more information about this issue.
@dominic_abela @danilowoznica I agree - great tool + integration
I really wanted to use this, but when connected to spotify, it cannot edit all my playlist, just a few. And if I download the cover image it have a weird rectangular shade bug: Also the downloaded covers are very low resolution. If you can fix thoose bug, it could be very handy tool :)
Hey @nn_bob thanks for letting me know about this bug. It has fixed on the latest release, so could you please check it again? Thanks for your feedback!
@danilowoznica Thanks for quick fix, the visual bug is gone :)
"it cannot edit all my playlist, just a few." this keeps happening :(
@mauro_gianzone Hey, Spotify only allows to edit the playlist that you have created. Have you tried to edit playlist that you follow? Let me know.
Pretty cool app!