Cover Face

Hide the faces of those you love when you share photos

Cover Face is an iOS app that lets you hide faces on photos using cool Emojis! And it's really fast & easy to do it:
1. Pick a photo.
2. Let the app detect faces, then tap to cover.
3. Ready to save or share!
Lots of great Emojis! With color themes & SFX!
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Hello there Product Hunters! 👋 I’m Gabriel, a developer but also a… father 👨‍👦! And as a father I really don’t like when I see photos being posted online exposing kids faces. Social media is open to anyone, and we never know as parents who else watches our photos; unwanted eyes can always reach to those we care the most! So, I decided to contribute towards this direction with my own powers 👊 and to make a small app which I'm presenting here today. Please meet Cover Face, an iOS application which allows to hide faces and protect kids when posting photos online in just a couple of taps! Let me walk you through the highlights: - Faces on photos are detected automatically by the app. All you have to do is to… just tap on them! - Cover Face uses Emojis to hide faces which are organised in collections. There are lots of them included in the app suitable to all needs. - Once faces are covered, photos can be saved to device’s Photos library, as well as to be shared and exported using the built-in sharing controller. - Finally, Cover Face offers 4 different color themes to choose from, and funny sound effects that they’ll make you smile! And our young friends too! If we share the same concerns, then it will really worth a few minutes from your time to explore Cover Face app! For the time being it supports iPhone devices, but if it finds acceptance then it will be enriched with new features and functionalities, and probably there will be an Android version too. I’m really interested in hearing your feedback. As parents we try the best for our children, therefore let’s make sure to keep them safe from unwanted and indiscreet eyes. Thank you! 🙏
With online privacy rising in concerns, it is important to respect the wish of people not wanting to be in a pic posted online. Good luck!
@fabien_h Thank you so much! I really wish to manage to contribute to that direction with Cover Face app.
Don't have social media then..
@edisonjoao6871 Lol 😄! That's an option too!
@edisonjoao6871 @gabriel_theodoropoulos Or... just don't post photos of your kids.
@mickc79 I personally haven't posted my kid's photo even once, but nobody can deny that it's something that happens widely. At the end, I agree with you that kids photos should not be posted at all, but since it happens, let people have one more tool to protect them from "weird" eyes.