Read and manage your comic books on Windows Phone

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whoa neat. @micah may be interested
@eriktorenberg when we launched on windows phone (after having Balmer present us on stage at CES and an appearance in a Sprint ad) I think we got 3 downloads on the platform (and soon after discontinued support). In this case, it's a standard "open" /non-DRM book reader, meaning there are no direct relationships with publishers. Feature light (it's a PDF reader + minimal catalog management) and competition rich; hard to build a business around.
First let me introduce myself, I'm one of the Co-Founder of French Fry, a company based in Paris, focusing mainly on building great Windows Apps. And Cover is one of them. @alexisbarlatier and @schouffy are also part of the adventure. @eriktorenberg @micah Luckily we have more than 3 downloads on the platform. I agree it might be feature light, be we tried to focus more on the experience using the app. So more feature will come when we found the right way to implement them ^^ and we have many more ideas we wan't to try !
Hey guys, I'm the designer of the Cover windows app. We're releasing soon the UWP version of the app, but we need your feedback first. So we're starting a beta phase that you're free to join! If you'd like to try the app and help out, it's right there: Thanks all! Alexis