Cover 2.0

Dine without waiting for the check

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Hi! I'm the Design Lead at Cover. You can read about our design process for 2.0 here:
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@kimbost I love this redesign. Really solid work. Great job Team Cover!
@dja1o Thanks!
Very excited by this complete redesign and rebrand and all the hard work and incredible thinking this represents. There's a lot here and no better place to start than Kim's very thoughtful Medium piece. Thrilled to share this with the Product Hunt community.
I love Cover. I love Cover 2.0 even more. Congrats everyone!
Discovery, meal history, invite links, "Settle Up"! ;) Great writeup and a good-looking update. Can't wait to test it out in the wild and see the thinking in action.
Looks cool. How do handle Apple's fees if people choose to pay with Apple Pay?
@briansventures Cover is always free to use for the consumer. Our business focuses on charging restaurants for payment processing - something they already do to process credit cards. ApplePay doesn't change that and we've processed millions of dollars this way since we launched ApplePay as an option months ago.
@megerman cool, I was confusing apple pay with apple taking a high cut of in-app purchases