Professionally-drawn avatars for the price of lunch! 🤤❤️️️

Purchase a Covatar in one click, complete the short order form, and receive an illustrated avatar back. You can gift a Covatar to your friends and family and lift their spirits! The cost? $20 - an average lunch & coffee. We’ll donate $5 from every Covatar. 🌸
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Hey PH! Alex here, Co-Founder of GoFable. We recently launched a cool project called Covatar. Through Covatar, you can get a custom-drawn illustration of yourself that you can use as an avatar wherever you want. We decided to spread some love and fun during this tough time and help the community of talented illustrators to express themselves. The professionally illustrated Covatar costs just $20, basically the same as you would pay for lunch and coffee in a normal-without-COVID-19 world. We’ll donate $5 from every purchase to a charity of your choice for every Covatar created. @rrhoover @chrismessina hope you love your Covatars! :) But that’s not all! The real reason behind this project is to increase awareness of the importance of helping people around us. For that, we created a quick and fun guide. Check this out and share it with your friends: We hope you’ll enjoy our Covatars. Some of them are ready and posted on our Instagram: Donate, help, wash hands, and #stayathome. Looking forward to your feedback, Alex
Hey, Product Hunters! A while ago, we launched the project that raised the bar for other PH projects. Well, that’s according to some fellas from Twitter. Now, we’re happy to return to PH with another fantastic project called Covatar. My love for illustration is endless, and we want to share this passion with you by creating great illustrated user pics for a fraction of the usual cost. We hope that you’ll love what we’re doing and help us reach our goals. Share some love with your friends and family during this time! Best, Anastasia
Hey guys, that's an awesome idea! Just purchased covatars for my mom and myself :) Can't wait to see them! Thanks! :)
@max_loginov thank you Max! Hope your mom will love her Covatar! :)
An amazing idea, very creative. Also well built.
I've tried this service, it was just amazing! Guys were so fast and creative, I definitely recommend