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This looks really good. One question I had was whether or not email address exports were possible, so tested it out. And yes, you can export emails. Can't wait to give this a proper go!
@taphangum Thanks, glad you're liking it! We're also pretty excited about integrating directly with MailChimp & CampaignMonitor (possibly others...) in addition to the raw export.
@rfunduk Awesome! When do you think MailChimp integration will be live?
@taphangum No firm timeline yet, but soon! I'd say we're aiming to do that sometime this summer. We'd really like to support a couple different providers (a lot of our customers seem to prefer aweber for example), and that's part of what will take time.
Hey all! My wife and I started CourseCraft in 2012 because we knew a lot of creative types with blogs wanted to do e-courses but didn't know how. Most of the time they would try to put together some kind of password protected blog/facebook group/paypal button/newsletter monstrosity. The upfront costs (and sometimes ongoing costs of hosting, depending) were also a big problem. So CourseCraft puts all of that in one place and simply takes a transaction fee ("we don't get paid until you get paid"). We also recently added some free-tier limits and fancier features, and those are behind a per-course pro upgrade. It's been doing pretty well for us and we have a lot of plans in the pipeline, so definitely more than happy to field questions or take suggestions!
Another great product from Ryan who also built