Courier Chatbot

Create and mail your own printed postcards from FB Messenger

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Hey guys. I built Courier because sending postcards while traveling (or anytime) sucks. Kiss the hassle goodbye. Turn your photos into beautiful printed postcards and have them mailed anywhere in the world with the Courier chatbot on FB Messenger. Seriously, this is as easy as it gets… I’d love to hear what you guys think. Thanks!
@elliottgolden Love it :) I'm missing one thing for addresses outside the u.s. Would be cool to send a postcard to a company :)
@cptmuh Hey man. You can send postcards to any address in the world. Companies included, just use their name when prompted instead of an individual's. Does that help?
@elliottgolden This is really cool!!!!
I'm totally in love with this, have sent several, and just saw the result in person for the first time (one that I sent to a friend arrived). I've been sending postcards for years but end up sending them in batches sometimes months apart because tracking down postage and a post office is such a pain. I hope this spurs more people to send postcards - I know how special they are to the recipients - and it will be my preferred way to go from now on.
@gillianim Glad you're diggin' it Giilian. Thanks for Hunting Courier btw! Yeah, Courier def removes the hassle and people do enjoy receiving something that will outlast a scroll on social media.
this gonna be goooood.
It works only for USA, right?
@galeriks You can send postcard to and from anywhere in the world.
@elliottgolden You see, Ukrainian address contains street, a number of a house and a flat. And there are no such fields in Courier.
Like the idea, but wasn't this part of iOS a couple of years ago? It isn't anymore. That might be a sign. I like sending post cards because it is something special nowadays though. Not sure if the market will be big enough, but credits for trying!
@loudijk Thanks Lex. That rings a bell. Can't recall the specifics of the service though. I wonder if the operation is just a bit to messy for larger Co's to deal with? IE even if there's some money there, is it worth it for them in the bigger picture? The market is def big enough to get a slice. Courier won't be a $B biz, but that's fine.
@loudijk If it was built into iphoto/ios in 2014, I bet the experience was "rough" to say the least. ;)
@jameswahba couldn't resist looking it up. It was a standalone app apparently.