Never lose your AirPods again. Strap on a pair!

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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2016



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Pietz Prove@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
I haven't received my AirPods yet but I already lost the left one
Igor Marchuk@igor_march
@gopietz yeah, never wanna lose it again :)
Greg ChristianMaker@gregchristian · Designer
@gopietz gotta get some Courage man!
Matt Geller@matthewgellerod · CovalentCareers,Inc.
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
I wish there was a way you could anchor the leash to something like your iPhone, you know?
Greg ChristianMaker@gregchristian · Designer
@evankimbrell how do you know about our top secret next product, The Courage Case?!
Jeff Higgins@annamariasocial · Social Media & Geo Location, Bloomerang
I'm pretty sure they stopped making these to be used with glasses in '89 for a reason.
Steven Hoste@hungryjos · Druk bezig
@annamariasocial exactly what I was thinking! 😄 I guess I have some of them at my parents' home, in a shoebox.
Alex Newman@thedotmack · Minister of Derp
@hungryjos @annamariasocial They're great for rollercoasters though, does anyone here remember Croakies?? I rocked them when I was like 10 years old. I was cool.
Larry Kokoszka@larrykokoszka · Founder, Ghost Browser
@annamariasocial they are still huge in Colorado!
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
@annamariasocial Wait, they aren't popular anymore? I finally found a working solution to prevent losing my sunglasses. Guess I'm going back to cheap sunglasses
Mur Ges@mur_ges
You know what "Courage" is? Buying glasses cords for 30 cents a piece and selling them for $8.00. They are sure taking a page out of Apple's book.
Bryce York@bryce_york · The "Measure Your Marketing" Guy
@mur_ges pretty sure this is pure satire...
Greg ChristianMaker@gregchristian · Designer
Are you tired of losing your AirPods? Are you constantly digging through your bag to find those little white ear buddies? Well not for long! We're here to solve all those problems with Courage - THE lightweight AirBud strap/leash/cord. Shipping begins end of October 2016.
Silviu St@silviust7 · iOS Developer
@gregchristian hope Courage 2.0 will be wireless 😍 😂
Greg ChristianMaker@gregchristian · Designer
@silviust7 our engineers are hard at work. Thank you for your patience.