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Hey PH! We're thrilled to announce a major update to our popular Coupons at Checkout Chrome extension. Now it will automatically try, AND apply coupon codes for you at checkout across hundreds of e-commerce stores to maximize your savings and get you the best deal. One other neat feature is that the extension now supports coupon stacking - so when a retailer (like Target) supports it, the extension knows which coupons to stack in order to save you the most cash. We hope it comes in handy and saves you a ton of $ this holiday season! More in our Medium post here: https://medium.com/@couponfollow...
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@allmakebelieve having issues getting the email when I sign up from your site. Tried twice (once mobile via safari and one PC side on Chrome).
@biggiephat @allmakebelieve Hey Jon, thanks for reporting... We'll take a look into it, but feel free to shoot a msg to marc at couponfollow.com with more details.
@allmakebelieve looks awesome and just in time for holiday shopping! If an item you're purchasing is available elsewhere for cheaper, or elsewhere where there are better coupons, does Coupons at Checkout indicate where the best deal can be found?
@linistern Hey Caroline! Our extension is really focused on one thing, maximizing your discount through coupon codes, wherever you're shopping. If you want to compare prices between stores there are tools like PriceBlink or InvisibleHand that may work well in that situation (and you can even use them in conjunction with ours!).
@allmakebelieve Hey Pierre, does this work with UK websites?
What would be the differences from the Honey extension?
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@esbvn I'm curious as well. I've been using Honey for years and have loved it. Wondering what the differences are here, if any.
Hey @esbvn similar concept here, but tbh I don't have much experience with Honey myself. I’m aware of what they're doing in the space, but just don't have much hands on. So in more general terms, our objective from the start has been to be as unobtrusive as possible. No popdowns, sidebars, or other funky integrations with the browser where things popup unexpectedly. Most extensions, at some point, go for having a more "in your face" approach (likely because it monetizes better). We won't (because I really hate that personally), and our notification only appears on the checkout page so it won’t ever get in the way of your browsing / shopping. We're very much focused on finding any and all coupon codes you could potentially apply to your purchase. We're working to make this smart, and stacking coupons is one thing we'll be focusing on. Not sure if Honey takes that into consideration. Also, whilst the Savings Guard feature (auto-validate-and-apply) works on a majority of popular sites, there's a boatload of smaller sites that people shop at. For these sites the Code Revealer (drop-down when you click the promo code box) feature works well, and I'm pretty sure its unique to our extension.
@mmezzacca is not looking closely at a competing product a deliberate, strategic choice you're making?
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@esbvn Thanks for sharing. I didn't know this before :) Installing now.
This is really cool. Wish I had it installed during this past weekend! Considering the service is free, can you tell us how you monetise and what you do with user data? (do you sell data on to third-parties etc?)
@oliwesbiz I am wondering the same thing
@oliwesbiz Like all other coupon sites I'd guess - affiliate revenue.
@oliwesbiz hey Oli =) Sure... @edward_b is correct, the plan is to monetize through affiliate relationships. Unlike price comparison tools (eg. InvisibleHand) where you'd be leaving the site to shop elsewhere, we believe that our goal is ultimately aligned with the retailer: To get the shopper to stay on their site and convert. Shopping cart abandonment is a huge issue for e-commerce (~68% by some reports!), so even if they provide a discount when the user checks out, they'll still retain the sale. We don’t sell any data, that’s our strict policy. The data that is collected (whether codes work, total amount saved, etc) simply helps improve data quality and performance.
@mmezzacca Getting exclusive coupon codes for each merchant seems a very heavy work to me.
How could you not love this!
Sounds like this could really save the hassle of having to find/filter through various coupon codes that actually work. The "stacking" feature - which Coupons at Checkout does on its own, could be so time saving - but even more importantly - money saving! Count me in.