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Wonder how this compares to Honey: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
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@AnujAdhiya Great question. At the moment we're focused on being quick, simple and lightweight. Just click the promo box and codes appear, no waiting. We're also focused on covering a broad range of sites, not just the popular ones. Our extension supports thousands of sites. Seems that Honey focuses on a fuller-automation but for a much smaller selection of sites.
@AnujAdhiya I've been using Coupons at Checkout for over a year and installed Honey as well. I find C@C is much more reliable and covers a broader range of sites.
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Founder here. First off, Happy Cyber Monday! Second, thanks for hunting @skinnyandbald I would love feedback on the extension, and today's a great day to give it a go... coupons galore! Also, for any iOS users, I'd really love feedback on the mobile version too. For you iOS/UI/UX people, specifically on the onboarding to setup the extension in Safari. On iOS extensions aren't enabled by default and been struggling to get above the 30% mark of users to successfully completing the setup. Seems non-tech users don't really understand iOS app extensions quite yet :/ Happy to answer any and all questions here or feel free email me marc AT couponfollow.com
@mmezzacca @skinnyandbald Any Affiliate programs available?
I was all set to install this but chickened out when the extension wanted permission to read and change all the data on the websites I visit. I'm sure it has some reason to do that, but I couldn't get past that psychological block.
@muldster Hey Dave - Basically we need those permissions to detect if you're shopping on an e-commerce website and you're on a checkout page. Then we need to inject the coupon information on to that page for you. No funny business.
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Great idea! How do you guys make money?
@Shpigford also very curious to hear this. Like @OurielOhayon I'm having a psychological block that prevents me to install this until I know what the 'catch' is!
@Shpigford @JulianGijsen Ack sorry, thought I covered all the questions. Basically we have partnerships with a small number of merchants that when coupons are redeemed we'll get a commission on the sale. Not really a 'catch' =)
This plugin makes me want to go online and buy things.