Browser extension that automagically searches for coupons

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We'd love to hear your feedback (criticism welcome!) on initial reactions, points of confusion, or general experience overall. Otherwise, a few more details below: Aside from the full automation functionality described above, you can view all the best coupons for sites directly from your browser as you surf. Q: Does CouponMate also search for in-store/printable coupons? A: Currently, we focus on online-only offers. We may expand to printables in the future. Q: Is this available in globally? A: It works globally, though we've initially focused on US, UK, and Canada. Q: What is the difference to the consumer between supported and non-supported websites? Just the automatic vs. manual application of the code? A:Sure, ultimately it comes down to efficiency. The time it might take to try 20 codes for a given retailer and determine which provides the best discount can be a bit daunting. With automation, you’re able to process one code per 2-3 seconds. So, in roughly one minute’s time you can apply 20 codes to see which provides the best discount for your specific cart. Q: What makes CouponMate different? A: We think the web-based model is outdated. Traditionally, the coupon vertical hasn’t had the best reputation. The norm for users has become the “spray and pray” method to try and find discounts. Most savvy couponers hit Google, search for the brand they’re about to make a purchase at during checkout, visit a few coupon sites and apply a handful of codes hoping one will work. I can tell you from personal experience — this process sucks. We’re trying to remove the pain for consumers, offering a browsable panel of coupons as they surf and prompting them during checkout with the “Find Best Code” functionality to automate that entire tedious process. Q: Even though the app is new, what are you working on to make it better? A: Currently, the goal is to widen the coverage. We currently support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. We’re looking to launch a version for MSIE and deploy a mobile app (with matching functionality) for iOS and Android in the next couple months.
@joeyburzynski fyi that's the exact same background song as Coupons at Checkout's demo video...
@skinnyandbald Funny coincidence. I see we're both fans of AudioJungle. :)
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Tip: In Chrome whenever the badge counter over the CouponMate icon is blue, it means the extension's full automation feature is available. ()
How is this exceptionally better from the other extensions that do the same thing?!
@nicholassheriff Heyo. I head up design for CouponMate. @joeyburzynski would field some of these questions, but he’s waiting for PH to enable him to reply. :) I’ve highlighted a few differences below: Coupon Identification & Collection Methodology: In terms of backend end technology, we act as a meta crawler for codes using a variety of methodologies, from standard natural language processing to optical character recognition. Every minute of the day, we’re actively crawling retailer’s sites, parsing their emails, SMS blasts, and social feeds while simultaneously monitoring other media outlets to source the latest and greatest codes. Overall Site Support: We detect code response, as in success or failure of a coupon specific to each site, on any type of site: static HTML, ajax-based or even mixed mode sites. Overall, we monitor roughly 200,000 domains and variants for coupon codes currently. Roughly 80,000 of those have codes at the moment. Even if a site isn't supported for automatically applying a code, you're able to view coupons any time. Automation / Coupon Validation: We algorithmically validate coupons for sites enabled for full automation (aka "Find Best Coupon" functionality) daily. The moment we see a code applied that comes back “invalid”, “expired”, or a similar explicit failure — we remove it from our database. This allows for a sort of "collective intelligence" for all users to benefit from. You can see our low-budget demo here:
Similar to Coupons at Checkout (somewhat branding challenged at I wondered how nicely they played together, but then I see that CouponMate doesn't enter the codes directly into the checkout form.
@forestmars CouponMate does, in fact, automate the process of entering codes — try to see a demo. (or take a look here: , or ) We’ve spent the majority of our time in sourcing and identification of codes, we’re now working to tackle algorithmic automation of the “integrating a site for automation” piece. We currently support ~250 sites for full automation (i.e., finding the coupon code that provides the highest discount in a single click), but those have been added through manual integration thus far. In 3 - 4 weeks time, we hope to grow this number exponentially by removing the manual integration process.