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Cool! does it have an API? (make a Yo for hot coupons like the product hunt Yo?)
@orarbel Haven't planned for API yet, But we will have one in next few weeks.
What makes this any different than Retailmenot, Slickdeals, Fatwallet, etc...?
@mbesto Hi Mike, our focus on the community and user experience (clean & simple) are the primary differences. Like Reddit / Product Hunt the community decides what the best coupon is for any given store so that the user never misses a good deal.
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Totally interested in how the team plans on acquiring users. Great vertical for a hunt, just wondering how easy it is to get the crazy coupon heads all into a new spot.
@dshan hi Derek, we will be doing paid advertising, digital marketing etc like everyone else, but the ace up our sleeve involves our other product Localmint ( This is a centralised store locator with over 1 million monthly uniques, so we will be looking to feed as many users as possible into CouponHunt from that platform.
Hi Guys, I am one of the Founder of CouponHunt. You can find popular coupons from your favorite retailers curated by community. We have listed Black Friday coupons from popular retailers. Love to hear community feedback.
@ranga_vadhineni Hey Ranga. Just tried to post a coupon for a new app CollageMo and got this "There is problem in processing your request, please try back later." This only for the big retailers?
@KristoferTM Hi Kris, we will accept all coupons, but will only publish coupons of sufficient value and interest to the community. Similar to Product Hunt like that. We are working on a little glitch with the Add a Coupon button right now. Apologies for that.
@KristoferTM Thats fixed now. thanks for reporting us.
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