An online marketplace to find and work with licensed accountants.

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“With any kind of specialist, a CPA or an accountant or a lawyer, it's always best to use people who are used to dealing with startups. Not your aunt who lives in Minnesota and doesn't actually know how startups work.” - Kirsty Nathoo, Y Combinator Startup Class. Hello Hunters! My name is Nodar Janashia and I’m one of the makers of CountUp. We spent 12 months curating our network of accountants. Our most important criteria was experience and knowledge of startup needs. It’s simple – tell us what you need, get matched with an accountant, and carry on building your product. As an early stage startup, hiring an accountant is an excruciatingly painful and expensive process. Traditional accounting firms have high partner fees, office expenses, and charge by the hour. At CountUp we use technology to eliminate overhead, providing you with a dedicated accountant for a flat monthly fee. If we’ve come at a right time for you, try us out now and we’ll pay for your accountant for a month! That’s it! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I’ll be answering questions for the rest of the day.
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@nodarj You say for a flat monthly fee, you get access to the accountant but does it technically mean I can call him any day at any time (except probably weekends and after hours)?
@cemedericarak Yes, you can reach out to your accountant for questions anytime through CountUp's live-chat OR by scheduling a call. All plans come with at least one monthly detailed screen-share meeting. If you have a question or need to reach out to your accountant you can do so anytime. Of course, if you require additional work to be done, your accountant will charge a fixed fee based on your additional needs. Let me know if you have any more questions! Would love to clarify.
@nodarj FYI, spelling issue with "accountat" on your opening statement (last word). Congrats on the launch!
Had the pleasure of going to Disrupt SF this year with Nodar to showcase CountUp. Really great service for something most people just don't understand or want to deal with in the first place. @Nodar what would you say is the biggest mistake startups do with their accounting?
@danielrakh I would say the biggest mistake startups make is completely ignoring bookkeeping tasks in the very beginning. Sure you might not have a lot of transactions but these transactions will start to add up. Before you know it, you are forced to pay thousands of dollars for your accountant to trace back and manually reconcile most of your transactions. If you spend just a little bit of time streamlining your daily bookkeeping tasks and organizing your financial data at the start of your operations, you will save thousands in accounting fees and have a clear vision of your company's finances. To me, accounting exercises have similar effects on building sustainable businesses as lean development exercises on building great products.
This is great. Two-sided marketplaces are difficult to build, but this looks extremely promising.
@2centcap thanks and yes it is very difficult. You can't apply the same marketplace model across all industries. Especially when it comes to hiring an accountant - you are hiring someone who will handle your finances, not hailing a cab. Our matching process ensures incoming startups get matched with the most appropriate accountant based on their industry, business model, and size.
Nodar and CountUp helped us tremendously a few months ago. We were looking for a bookkeeper who knew startups – specifically marketplaces (our type). There are a lot of bookkeepers out there, so we didn't expect to find the right fit easily. CountUp got us connected with the perfect person in a matter of hours.
@_davidhead Thank you David! Very glad we were able to streamline bookkeeping for DesignLive and we will do our best to help you guys forget about accounting while you focus on improving your product :) We are currently working on integrations with existing accounting systems like Quickbooks and Xero. Let me know what you would like to see next!
We've just moved our startup entity to US jurisdiction, though we're still running it from outside of US ( I've been searching all the web for a tax adviser & accountant for my early stage startup for weeks until I found Countup. Guys, this is absolutely brilliant service we're using for months already and with it help we've got CFO/CPA + accountant on-board easily that takes care of our tax and accounting issues and costs us the sum we could afford. The only concern here is to understand how important is to have a good tax adviser and accountant from the first days, all the rest will be resolved by Countup. Don't spend your time in endless searches (I've used craiglist, upworks, etc), just go for it!
@smegrelishvili thank you Shota, glad we helped you out!