A smart kitchen system to help you eat better

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There's a "smart" everything it seems.
For me, it's less about knowing what I should eat, but having the right ingredients and time to prepare a meal.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan - definitely know what you mean. The reality is that the question of "what to eat?" on an everyday basis is often not one of inspiration but one born out of necessity. Because of this, more often than not, a lot of us go with what's fast (and often not the healthiest of options). That's part of what Countertop brings to the table, giving you quick and easy meal recommendations that are personalized to your dietary restrictions, food preferences and even health goals - but to address your point, we'll be surfacing meals with simple, readily available ingredients and guide you through making the meal too. We actually capture some of the ingredients you're likely to have upfront and progressively get smarter as you use the app (think "Pandora for food"). The new hardware also uses NFC to convert many of the appliances you already own to become "connected", allowing us to serve up recipes based on what you physically want to do in the kitchen. We agree with you though - knowing what to eat is only part part of the puzzle. We're all about removing friction from preparing a meal, so it won't be hard to guess some of the surprises we'll be adding soon. ;)
@rrhoover something like this combined with a plated or blue apron could make your dreams come true!
@shaun_springer we like your thinking, Shaun! :)
@rrhoover Agreed. Some days I cook and other days Ben (my partner) cooks. However, when we do, timing (30min meals are great) being low is ideal, but not a deal breaker. What I do struggle with though, is knowing what I can cook based on what is in my spice rack and fridge/freezer. The thought of figuring out **what** to cook can be exhausting enough. I'd love a running inventory that can continually spit out suggested meals based on the other parameters it already takes into account. At the end of the day, Smart products should be designed and act like a friend you can rely and trust on, right? Someone who is there for you when you need them. And in this case, despite how much I love everything about the product. Just wish that tiny tidbit played a role. I absolutely love the idea of it knowing I just finished a run and suggesting some healthy meals or showing me how to cook whatever meals for dinner, though. Super awesome. Really love this product.
@rrhoover @imcatnoone Thanks for the comments, Cat. We're glad you love the idea! We have the same struggles you do, so that's definitely the path we're after.
@ankitb anything that can help solve the what to eat tonight would come in handy. I am definitely pre-ordering! Whats the estimated time for first delivery?
@gizboz1 thanks for the support! We'll be shipping this Fall, likely around the November timeframe. The development is quite far along so we're very confident in hitting our dates.
@ankitb @santiagomerea This is really amazing. What was the hardest part about creating Countertop? And what was the moment of inspiration for you? There has to be a story there.
@ankitb @corleyh Thanks for the kind words @corleyh. Well, it is super amazing to have the caliber of partners that we do, but I can't say that as a startup it is easy to get those relationships going. They have a ton more at risk, so your case has to be super compelling. The moments of inspiration are always tied to current customers. We go to their kitchens and cook with them! And is in those moments when the light bulbs switch on. People kept telling us: "tell me what to do!" It was a pretty interesting and complicated idea... so, of course, we decided to create a system that will do just that.
hey, cool concept. what do i get by integrating it with my vitamix? is it just that it knows that i'm near my vitamix?
What other appliances are you looking to integrate with?
@crixlet We are working on many different appliances/brands to close more deals, but we can obviously not make that public yet. If you have any suggestions, let us know. I'll love to hear it.