A simple, gesture based tally counter

Counters is a simple, elegant, material dark theme, gesture based tally counter for Android
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Nice work. I've got a use I forgot about as everything I found was too complex. What's the thinking with having + on the left and - on the right? I might be odd but I expect them the other way round. Could it be a cultural difference I've never noticed? The option to swap them round would be great.
@fontalamh i thought the same thing
@fontalamh Hey, The reason is that it's intuitive to increment the counter when swiped from left to right, hence the '+' on the left side. I'll add a config to flip that in the next update, Thanks for the suggestion :)
Hello Everyone, This is my first product launch on Producthunt, make sure to check it out and let me what you think about it :)