The Modern Way to Grow Your Own Food (Kickstarter)

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These guys designed a new lighting system that was used in MIT's CityFARM and are bringing it to your countertop. I think this is super cool. Hoping they hit their stretch goal for an iPhone app remote though.
@zackbloom So I'll let the CounterCrop guys weigh in, but they have some studies comparing the light spectrum on the Aero to the CounterCrop and they're wildly different. The CC supposedly produces far greater output of veggies, etc. per the same time. I can't verify though, b/c I don't have a unit.
@zackbloom @morganbrown Thanks Morgan. Truth be told Aerogarden was and is an inspiration. So many of us think we have "black thumbs" and many of us purchased them but were sorely disappointed. The light is part of the issue, though they're doing a better job with some of their newer models. The problem is that there's just too many things that can, and as we're told, do, go wrong with Aerogardens. They're loud (although I hear they're working on that), the nozzles can clog easily, the control panel resets and you start from scratch, their "trellis" is two plastic bands, and so on....that said they're cheaper. If the control panel is working, it should help you with nutrients and other issues. I applaud their improvements in lighting, noise, instructions etc. Miracle Gro will figure this out. It's truly a mass market product, though I'm not going to try it again. CounterCrop has one moving part (the pump) and very little that can go wrong. The pump is a very simple and is an easy replaceable part, the CounterCrop design is drop dead gorgeous, it holds far more plants (though we're not about to claim you can grow full size tomatoes in 18 inches nor will we show pictures that aren't "real"). CounterCrop lights are the best in the business and they mimic sunrise and sunset which we believe helps trigger longer growing cycles (like in Alaskan summers). You don't need special refills and you won't see crazy claims, BUT, we don't pretend to deal with PH, etc. Our MO, keep it simple! Our mission is to help people get over the first fear of growing anything, keeping it super simple and straightforward. Next, we'll introduce more fully featured larger sized products that will seriously offset your grocery bill! We are adamantly opposed to GMO's and will be offering organic fertilizers although we'll help folks understand that organics add some challenges (more frequent cleaning, some have a slight odor and they're generally not as rich in nutrients and minerals meaning things may grow a bit slower). We think we're a different kind of product that makes it easy to grow measurable quantities of basic leafy greens until you get a bit more comfy. We aim to be honest and straightforward and to build a fabulous community of folks teaching and learning and for
This kickstarter failed or the company fail and had to refund , does anyone have the company updates that are private I am doing a a article on failed kick starters .. and need the back story .. if you invested please contact me
@bayareamade We're a bit late but here's an article we just did with some details of their demise. There are a couple other Kickstarters in there as well: