Countdowns for Mac

macOS menu bar countdowns application ⏲

Countdown to events that are important to you. Birthdays, Holidays, Valentine's day, or next Blockbuster movie premiere. Keep them at the glance in your status menus.

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Kamil Powałowski
Kamil PowałowskiMaker@kamilpowalowski · developer, maker, indie hacker
👋 Hi all! I'm Kamil Powałowski and I've made small macOS that allows you to create countdowns and time progress indicators and have easy access to them from menu/status bar. I've been using this app myself for a while, but now I've decided to make it public. You can download it for free from the Mac App Store. For free you can create one countdown/progress item and decide to display it on the menu bar or not. If you want to have more countdowns, it will require a ​yearly 2$ subscription. I hope you will enjoy this app as I do during writing and using it.
Jonas Almut
Jonas Almut@jonasalmut · Maker, Designer & Traveller.
This actually sounds really useful
Kamil Powałowski
Kamil PowałowskiMaker@kamilpowalowski · developer, maker, indie hacker
@jonasalmut Thank you. I'm using this myself for tracking important deadlines (end of development sprint etc) but I could come up with more ideas of using Countdowns. Some people suggested that it can be used for tracking short time deadlines (like the end of a workday, or time to call with a client). For now, adding that quick countdowns may be hard (you have to go to Preferences), but I'm thinking about an option to add events quicker.