Everyone is waiting for certain events. Holidays🏝, wedding👰🏽, birthday party🎉, new job👩‍💻, or just a weekend😻. Countdown bar shows in menubar how many days are left.
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Aleksander Popko
iOS📱& macOS👨‍💻 Software Engineer
Hi Hunters! A year ago, while waiting for a wedding, a three-week vacation and a trip to Bali, I developed an application that counted down the days to these events. After returning, I made some screenshots, created a website, and release it in the App Store. Some people have bought this app, and I'm still using it. After one year I decided to make update. I've added recurring events, possibility to skip weekends when counting days, add dark/light mode and fix some bugs. I also made better website. I will be gratefull for any feedback. PS. If you are interested in testing app and telling me what you think, please contact me directly - I'll send you promocodes.