Countdown to Inbox Zero shows you how much time you've left before you have to act on unread emails. Each unread email gets a 12-hour countdown timer. Reply, Mark as Read, Delete or Archive - act on your unread emails quickly to prevent them from piling.

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Great idea ! Is it available in Inbox by Google ?
@valdecarpentrie Unfortunately, it's not available for Inbox by Google. I'm working on a related extension that will help prioritize emails, calendar events and todo together. Happy to extend this to Inbox by Google if there's demand :)
@valdecarpentrie @sanchitbar second. I use inbox over gmail.
Hey PHers! I made this chrome plugin a few months back and have been personally using it to keep me in check and make sure i don't miss replying to others on time. It's been immensely helpful for me personally. Some of my coworkers and friends started using it as well and have told me likewise :) Being responsive is hard and a daily challenge. Since I switched jobs, I've had to deal with a significantly larger email flow and was constantly late in replying to emails. Finally, my manager told me that I should have a rule to never let an email "sit" for more than 12 hours - reply to it, star it, delete it but don't leave it as unread and let it pile up. This extension is a small visual and non-stressful reminder for me to keep on top of my email game and earn some compliments from my coworkers about my responsiveness. I hope this will help others too!
The extension now supports split view/preview pane in gmail!