Countdown Screensaver

A Mac screensaver for counting down to a date

Countdown Screensaver is a Mac OS X screensaver to countdown to your big day. Minimalistic design, useful, and 100% free.

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Made this last night for counting down to an upcoming launch. After that, I'll probably use it to count down until a trip. Really simple. Someone linked Padbury's screen saver after I tweeted it this morning ( I think I was subconsciously inspired by his :) Perfect to get yourself motivated to finish before that big day. Enjoy!
@soffes nothing like watching time tick by to inspire fear and terror in the best possible way. Thanks for the motivation boost!
@soffes Just out of curiosity, how does one go about building a screen saver? Do you use a specific file type in XCode? It looks great! :)
@ggarnhart I actually taught a mini course on this at NSScreencast:
@soffes thanks for the link! I may check it out.
@ggarnhart awesome! I've taught a few guest things there. @subdigital does the rest. He's the best :)
Awesome. Simple and easy to use. Thanks Sam, congrats on the launch.
Cool! Been looking for something like this! :D
I'm new here, I cant see a clear INSTALL / DOWNLOAD button. How can I download it?
@raycast01 there is on the upper right side of this page. Click that , go to Download latest release, then click the zip file :)
Another question, will you make this for Windows as well?