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Counting down to your favorite holidays & events

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Hey, I'm the maker of Countdown Extension. Countdown Extension was a small project I hacked up one night, and I didn't expect it to do so well! I was super excited for Christmas, and well, I made Countdown Extension! I hope you like it! Merry Christmas & happy New Year! P.S.- Tons of more themes coming in the future!
@ahansabharwal CLEARLY you are in as much of the Xmas spirit as me :D There are apps for mobile to have a countdown but honestly I don't know why I'd use a standalone app for it... On my laptop all the time and this seems like a pretty cool way to keep me excited for a countdown for Xmas/Holidays etc :)
@bentossell I know exactly what you mean. I always forget that I had downloaded a countdown on my phone! Merry Christmas!
@ahansabharwal exactly I dont see much point there but a chrome extension makes much more sense! Merry Xmas to you too! :)