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Bart Myers
Bart Myers@bartolah · CEO, Countable
We've been working on this app for a while as the fulfillment of our vision for how to transform politics and governing in the US and we're eager to get feedback. We combine a summarized view into key legislation with the ability to quickly tell your Reps how you think they should vote and then hold them to it. Please check it out and please let us know what you think.
Sean Sheppard
Sean Sheppard@seanasheppard · Founding Partner @ GrowthX
I'm for any product which empowers citizens! Great work thus far! I'm looking forward to watching the product and associated movements grow.
Andrew Goldner
Andrew Goldner@agoldner · Founding Partner @GrowthX
As easy as a Facebook like + real-world impact! Love it!
Justin Mares
Justin Mares@jwmares · Co-author, Traction Book
Looks awesome!
Nate Desmond
Nate Desmond@natedesmond · Marketer
I love this app! Particularly because (1) it lets me quickly learn the key points for and against a bill and (2) it makes it blissfully easy to send quick notes to my representatives without having to enter my full address every. single. time.
Neil Richler
Neil RichlerMaker@neilrichler · Growth @ Algolia
@natedesmond That's the idea! Countable is trying to make sharing your voice with your representatives as low friction as possible.