Countable 4.0 for iOS


Easily call lawmakers and learn about & take action on bills


Jason Weingardt
@jason_weingardt · 🇺🇸 Countable
Hi all! We're back with a huge update today for the Countable iOS app! Since the inauguration, users have sent over 2.7 million messages to Congress through Countable, and we've learned a lot from them about how to make the app even better. In this update we stuck to 3 main things: 1. Calling. Now users can call their lawmakers after taking action on anythi… See more
Benjamin Lupton
@balupton · Founder, Bevry
From a first look, this seems really well executed. Well done. A question. Does it support all factions of the political landscape to take action? Most apps I see from the tech world that are to assist politics, are only catered to empower other progressives to achieve progressive ideals - which seems antithetical to democracy - in that unless one also empo… See more
Bart Myers
@bartolah · CEO, Countable
I'm so excited about this release, I can hardly contain myself. The power of getting an alert of an upcoming vote on a bill and the ability to then immediately call your lawmaker with one click of a button and tell them what you think is so important and critical. And then, of course, you can send an email, or a video or post to your lawmakers social media. … See more
Cruz Welborn
@gcwelborn · Software Developer @ Synacor
Been using Countable for the last few months, definitely not a super user, but it's made its way to home screen.
Mike Way
@mikeway3 · IOS, OS X and Web developer, consultant
Just got it, will use today. Thanks