Countable 3.0 for iOS

Understand legislation in Congress and contact lawmakers

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Bart Myers
Bart MyersMaker@bartolah · CEO, Countable
Fantastic release. Great job by the team.
@bartolah I think your app is amazing. I would be great if it had the ability to learn more of the history and fundamentals of the US Government. Thank you for everything!
Jason Weingardt
Jason WeingardtMaker@jason_weingardt
Hey all - the Countable team is thrilled to unleash a totally revamped version of our iOS app today. There are a ton of great updates, all of which focus on making it easy to understand bills in Congress and telling your lawmakers how they should vote. We'd love to hear what you think! FYI - a writeup of the changes are here:
Eric Schmeltzer
Eric Schmeltzer@eric_schmeltzer · Politics dude
Fresh new look. Cleaner and easier to navigate. Lets me absorb even more in less time.
Neil Johnson
Neil Johnson@banananneilneil · Juggler
It's friggin beautiful, and I'm not saying that just because I built it. =]
Jason Weingardt
Jason WeingardtMaker@jason_weingardt
@banananneilneil You're the real "maker" here. 😉
Andrew Richard
Andrew Richard@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
Hello, no android?