Count Yourself In!

Learn the value of your vote in your state

Hey all! I'm the creator of this site. This November, the US will hold one of the most contentious presidential elections in history. There's so much false information floating around out there, so I wanted to sift through and make sense of all the data floating around in a digestible way. So check it out, share with your friends, and I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions to improve! And remember, even in states that are “safe,” your vote can help to elect officials that reflect your views on every level: borough, town, city, state and federal. So make sure you get out and count yourself in on November 8th!!
@themersk really nice work! you should seriously promote this with educators and school systems - it's an awesome collection of info and visually appetizing
@passingnotes Thanks, David! That's a great idea to promote with educators, I'm definitely going to look into that.
This is a super-smart site that digs deep into how much your vote counts, state by state, and tells you exactly how things will shake out on November 8th in the US Presidential Elections. Plus, the design is very cool too. Useful for both US and non-US citizens, as those of us outside the United States can learn a lot from the understanding contained within.
Huge ups for this project! Really cool
Hey @themersk Super smart your site, I tried it as a non US citizen from France and i found out that all it suggests is to share the word via fb/twt.. (frustrating for a curious mind lol) between, i made a web app for non US Citizens to vote , it may be intresting to propose it for non users outside USA , so they can make their vote counts too. Would love to hear your feedback on it ?
Thanks, @otymix ! Your site is a great idea as well, but the goal of Count Yourself In is really to target potential voters in the USA and empower them to get out and vote. :)