Brilliant fitness tracker challenges for groups.

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Hey Product Hunters! We're extra psyched to be Hunted. People have done tracker-driven challenges before, but we're obsessed with getting it right. We're releasing a Slack Bot with attitude, automated rewards, and inter-company battles. If you're a part of any group (office, community) that needs a healthy shot in the arm, check us out. The basic product is free, and we want (read: need!) your feedback! Thanks all.
Very cool product from a friend of mine that makes activity tracking fun and social. I hacked together something similar (and much worse) a few years ago (, and was excited to see it become a reality.
Thanks @jrlevine! You were way ahead of the game with Proves, and it was an early inspiration.
Hi all! Reta here from the team. We're so excited to be hunted (thanks @jrlevine!). We did a short vid with the Apartment Therapy team during their July challenge that brings a much needed human side to all the product screenshots above. Peep it here: