A fast and easy survey tool

Couchsurvey is an intuitive survey tool that allows you to easily and quickly create surveys and send them directly to your recipients via link or scanned QR code. The data is analysed in real time and is presented in easy-to-understand graphs on the platform.
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Hello Product Hunt, We are proud to present you Couchsurvey today. πŸ™Œ We started as a service provider for event feedback and quickly realized that the survey tools we wanted to use were not right for us. Many of them were useless on smartphone screens, the process of creating and analyzing surveys was unnecessarily complicated and we had some troubles with tools that were not 100% compliant to the european data protection guidelines. So we decided to build a survey tool on our own, which we present to you today. πŸš€ Here are some of Couchsurveys features so far: - Unlimited Surveys per account - All common question types - Logic jumps in surveys - Real-time analysis - CSV export - Filter for survey submissions - Auto-generated Link and QR-Code to share your survey Feel free to try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for your feedback!😊
@stoffel Thanks for this instrument!
Nice! Seems super quick and easy. I'll try out next time I'm looking to survey a group of users.
P.s. Love the name :)
@alex_papageorge thanks, cool that you like it 😊 Great to hear that you want to use our tool for your next survey.
Looks pretty easy to use and user friendly! Will definitely take a look into it.
@adrian_volcinschi awesome! πŸ’ͺ I'd love to hear what you think about it
Point of view: Limitation of participants on free version could be an issue for normal use. From this, I believe, it is meant for business users only You can limit the question or data analysis. Something sort of that
@aj002 hi Abhishek, Thank you for your feedback! 😊 Our thoughts on limiting in the number of participants was, that if your survey was a success and you got many answers, it is worth paying to see all the answers. We didn't want to further restrict the free users in the way they can create or analyse their survey. But we will take your feedback in our next meeting and discuss it πŸ‘