Couchsurfing Hangouts

Meet nearby travelers and locals, no planning required

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Pretty cool way to find friends while you're traveling. And the app looks really nice! 💯
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Thanks for hunting us, Jack! Incredibly excited about this. People primarily use Couchsurfing to stay with a local when they're traveling, or to host travelers coming to their town. But we heard from members that they wanted an easier, more spontaneous way to meet up with one another (think: you're traveling with family and already have accommodations sorted, but still want to spend a day meeting locals). Hangouts does just that. See who's nearby, what they're up to, and make plans to meet-up. A few ways you might use Hangouts: 1) To find a local to have a meal with during a way-too-long layover in Frankfurt. 2) To find a more competent Pokémon Go partner than your roommate 3) To invite a few travelers in town to join you & friends for a hike, movie, or beach day Here if you have any questions - fire away! You can also reach me personally -
Wow this looks awesome, I'd love to use this! Does it work all over the world?
@bethany_stachenfeld Hey Bethany! Yup, works worldwide 🌍 :) At the moment, the most popular city for Hangouts is actually Istanbul, with London and Berlin vying for second.
This will be a great way to find some new friends when I'm backpacking in the fall without tapping into the hostel scene, thanks for the release!
@christopher_norton Sure thing, Chris! Can't wait to hear about your trip, and who you meet on Hangouts.
Can't wait to try this out on my next trip, Couchsurfing community is really special.