Couch Potato

The world’s first sit-tracker

#4 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2018

Couch Potato is a sit tracker, a new app that tracks your daily inactivity, and even rewards you for lounging or Netflix binging on the couch. Watch your potato grow from tater-tot to Po-great-o while unlocking rewards.

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I'm almost too lazy to download this app. *Update:* just downloaded.
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But real talk, how can I become po-GREAT-o? #lifegoals
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@akhandelwal90 Get comfy on the couch ;)

I always knew that one day someone or something would come along and prove to my mom that spending all that time on the couch would eventually pay off.


Free Money


I prefer sweet potatoes

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Honestly I had to get out of bed, where I was comfortably reading a book about a guy who loved running and started a show company, because my Apple Watch dinged me to walk for like three minutes to close my Move ring.

It just felt cruel. The book. The tap. All of it.

Couch Potato will not judge me like that.


Non-judgmental app that celebrates all body types and lifestyles


Sometimes you have to break your streak to get more snacks

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This could be my new favorite app 😊🤪😀🤩
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