Coub for iOS

A video meme machine. Now on iOS.

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We’re launching our new iOS app today and hope you’ll like COUB as other 55 mln users do. COUB is the only place where you can watch, share and easily create video memes. You can be the first to spot the funniest video memes or run your own channels picking up the best coubs for your followers daily. We also encourage you to create your first coub (most likely you won’t stop after that). It's super easy, film a video on your camera, add a few seconds from a movie and you are suddenly the director of your own miniature blockbuster with potentially millions of views (it happens pretty often on COUB). You can trim and mash up clips from any video platform, including Facebook Video, Instagram, YouTube, videos from a camera and smartphone library right in the COUB iOS app.
Coub is absolutely amazing! It is definitely my favorite app. It helps me to express myself and feel as a part of creative community. It is also the best distribution platform for movies, tv series and songs. All new stuff is there. You spend just 10 sec for discovery. Very time saving and fun at the same time. Enjoy
Neat! Super easy to use and the app is addictive :)