The most beautiful way to move your brain and imagination

Cotrio is a beautiful homage to numbers and the people who adore them.

Experience hours of number-crunching fun or immerse yourself in myriads of poetic animated worlds. Cotrio is a relaxing experience for smart people.

PH community was always the answer when I was asked who is it for.

Tech lovers, geeks, nerds I hope you'll enjoy it!

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Like this one a lot
For non-smart people, is this still a relaxing game?
@banzomaikaka Those who dislike numbers will certainly have limited pleasure ;) For everyone else it's just a matter of learning curve trust me. It's tricky not because of the number/math part - it's tricky because your eye starts to play on the moment you become eager to color that last node.
Oh man! I love numbers and this game looks pretty cool. We all can learn a thing or two from the stunning video you have on PH for your product, simply beautiful!
@kartikdadwal I am humbled by your opinion. I took so much from this community It's awesome you consider my little game somewhat valuable. Thanks!
@bartobialek just curious did you do the entire game design and colors? It's stunning.
@kartikdadwal Cheers! Yes it's all me the good and the bad :) It's my musical debut also - I always thought this would be some progressive rock opera but you take the opportunity you've been given ;)