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Costume ideas/guides to dress like your favorite characters

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Such a good idea, @natewinn and @jadlimcaco. I think I found my Halloween costume: Squints from Sandlot: I already have half of wardrobe ๐Ÿ˜
@rrhoover Do you have the Babe Ruth signed baseball? โ€œCome on smalls, youโ€™re killing me!โ€
@rrhoover @natewinn We've added a ton more costumes since last year! Almost 200 costumes now and growing!
@jadlimcaco @natewinn woohoo! Great time to resurface this. I'll share on the Twitterz soon. :)
Almost exactly a year ago, @jadlimcaco and I had an idea that we put together in about 5 days. A few days after we launched Famous Outfits, we were shocked to see @mbavio post it on Product Hunt. Little did we know that we would see well over 1 million views at this year thanks to a great start on Product Hunt. Today, we're back with Costume Wall. After looking at our analytics, we noticed quite a few people coming to Famous Outfits looking for costumes and cosplay. So, we created a fun site just for that! We would love to hear what you think. And let us know some of your favorite characters we should add ๐Ÿ˜Š
Woah! It's cosplay heaven and it's perfect time to release this since it's Halloween next month. Cheers! :D
@everywheresean That was the plan Sean. We wanted to get this site out before Halloween ๐Ÿ‘ Any characters in particular that we should add right away?
@everywheresean We thought this was a good way to get ready for Halloween. Thanks!
@jadlimcaco You have Ryu, I think Chun-Li is always a popular choice. I'll suggest more after work.
@everywheresean We have her on our backlog to do. Good suggestion :)
Is there a buy all button? This is wise beyond its years. Would be amazing to use this with Taobao in China. Shipping would take a day (within China)
@nzieber Awesome idea! We were seriously considering that with Famous Outfits. We were even approached by a company that built an API to allow us to complete an entire "outfit" without leaving our site even if several retailers were used in the outfit. However, they couldn't get Amazon to work because there's no "guest" checkout. So, we decided not to move forward with it. We would still love to add it though!
This is a great idea. Would love to see 80's sensation Jem added to the portfolio. With the Jem movie from Jon M Chu (director of GI Joe) coming out soon (, I imagine lots of women and girls will want "truly outrageous" pink wigs and 80's outfits - lots of neon! Thank you and good luck.