Super simple cloud storage pricing estimator

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Looks to be pretty useful – would be great to see non-US server regions + filtering though!
@iamsebj thank you seb, new regions will be added shortly , thanks for the feedback!
@aviw @iamsebj maybe, than you could add also SAP HANA Cloud Platform: of @SAP
"Estimate the cost of storing your data on S3, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Softlayer, Oracle and more in just seconds. Getting a simple price estimate on all the leading cloud vendor sites is ridiculously complicated. Not to mention they all have confusing terminology, multi-tiered rate structures, and different price tables for each geographic region and HTTP request type. makes it super simple to compare object storage services and rates in a single view." - @aviw
This looks great! Would love to see different currencies/regions incorporated too
Thanks for the reassurance with my choice for Backblaze B2.