Real-time meeting cost calculator.

Costie is a meeting cost calculator which uses salary amounts of the participants to run a timer with the meeting's cost per second. The salary fields are stored safe and are destroyed the moment the user navigates to the timer. Decrease your meeting times!

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I hope you have some fun using it to prove a point at the office! Let me know how it went and if it helped reduce the time of the meeting.
Thank you for this. I hope something like this at one point is embedded into mainstream calendar or meeting software. I'm waiting for the utopian future where we all evaluate ROI of a meeting prior to initiating one!
@igoruphere haha yes! I would have loved to have made it like that, but GDPR, licences, etc. make it really hard. Unless of course we could team up with an HR software company which does also calendars.
@jonur Oh yes, right, didn't occur to me like that. Well, perhaps the embedded app is as distant and elusive as the notion of cost-effective meetings itself.
@igoruphere haha managers will always be obsessed with meetings, even if they like to call themselves Agile.
Cool product, just wish the salary fields weren't formatted as passwords so I could actually see what I type, and to specify a duration for a proposed meeting/ meeting that already happened instead of the timer
@alekplay agree. I would also suggest removing the limit on number of participants.
@alekplay @hbflynn The password mask is necessary as I couldn't think of another way to make it somewhat safe when you pass around the device. Any ideas are of welcomed! Regarding the number of participants, I don't think meetings with more than 20 people would use this. Although, on the other hand, they should! Haha OK I will see what I can do for this and adjust accordingly. Thanks, guys, for the feedback.
@alekplay has a valid concern, @jonur, but I'd honestly keep the mask. Instead, the compromise might be in showing the digit briefly during input before it is masked to help error-free input. I can also see how input can be split into separate steps, one per each participant - then your input is visible and error-free for you, but still hidden from others.
@igoruphere, the separate step per each participant you are recommending is actually a really good idea. I will be adding that. Are you a developer yourself? If yes, I can add you to the GitHub repository's contributors.
@jonur I'm glad you liked the suggestion. I'm not a developer (product & UX is my thing), so just take it away. 👍
I have actually seen this product done once before as an iPhone app and really missed it when it went away. It was called coma (cost of meetings app) and as the meeting raged on, burning money would rain down and the words burn Baby burn would flash across the screen
@brad_dunn1 haha that's a good implementation!
What a great idea! That's the product I didn't know I was looking for to plead my case against never-ending meetings, thank you!
@thierrymaout Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it.