Explore numerous virtual reality worlds on your iPhone

Always wondered -- when VR apps are for iPhone, is it only via Google Cardboard? 🤔
@nivo0o0 Currently you can make your own VR spaces (stories, infographics, little games, exhibitions etc.) online at and explore them directly with your iOS or Android device. Mobile VR headsets we do currently recommend are Mattel View Master, Merge VR or classic Google Cardboard.
Really easy to use platform! I especially love the way you can create the VR world on your desktop and view it directly with your mobile phone! There are first storytelling spaces which I really like. I think it would be awesome to learn building a virtual reality world based on literature, so the students can not only work on their creativity but also get cultural input in a new way. (e.g. build iconic scenes from Romeo&Juliet or other historical masterpieces) Looking forward to further improvements!
@beleevens Right now there is a growing usage of CoSpaces in education across the globe. So students can make VR instead of only exploring VR. You can create static VR spaces and tell stories or you can make interactive VR spaces with the help of Blockly or JS. Some more examples for CoSpaces in education can be found here
I've had the pleasure to try it out at Push Conference, and believe me, CoSpaces rocks. They've done a fantastic job making it fun to construct things in VR. Great product, great team. Deserves your attention.
Easily build your own VR worlds and view them with your smartphone!